We will always confirm your upcoming appointments the day before they are scheduled, whether by text or phone call (whichever you have chosen works best for you). As a courtesy to your service provider, and guests that may be on a wait list, please provide 24-48 hours in advance if you need to cancel, reschedule, or make any changes to your appointment.

If you cancel your appointment with less than 24hr notice

1st time to no show or cancel less than 24hrs prior to reservation

  • We will remind you of our policy

2nd time you no show or cancel less than 24hrs prior to reservation

  • You will be charged 10% of the service you cancelled before you can schedule your next appointment.

3rd time you no show or cancel less than 24hrs prior to reservation

  • You will be charged 100% of the service you cancelled before you can schedule your next appointment.

Child Safety Policy

We love children, but for the safety and comfort of your children, yourself, our staff and our guests, we appreciate your support and understanding of our guidelines regarding bringing your children to our Salon or Spa. Please make all necessary child care arrangements prior to your visit.

  • Children 12 years old and younger are welcome on the salon floor when receiving a salon service.
  • Children 12 years old and younger are allowed in the Spa with guardian supervision when receiving a spa service.
  • Due to the use of hot tools, sharp tools, and products on the salon floor & spa treatment rooms, for your child’s safety and protection, we ask that NO children be present in the salon or spa when they are not receiving a service. This includes in strollers, empty salon/spa chairs, or in your lap.
  • Children are not allowed in the Salon or Spa, unless they are receiving a service.
  • Elixir Salon does not, under any circumstance, assume responsibility for the well-being of your child during your visit. The guardian assumes all liability for any damages during your visit.

Product return policy

Elixir Salon guarantees your Aveda & Kerastase purchases 100%.  We want you to be using the products that are right for you. In the instance you get a product home and it is not what you expected or not delivering the results you desire, please return that product and we will find the product that is right for you. You can exchange the product to try something that will better suit you, or we will refund you in the same way you paid.  Products cannot be returned if you have had them longer than 2 months, or if the product is more than half gone.

All Makeup & Hair Brush purchases are final.


We know your time is important, and we will always do our best to run on time, planning to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your service (especially if you are new with us) which will allow us time to confirm all information we have for you on file, give you time to enjoy a beverage or use the restroom, and ensure that your service starts on time.

We understand things can happen. If you are running late, please call and let us know. We will be able to let you know if we can still accommodate you or if we need to reschedule to a different time or day. We will always do our best to make sure you receive your scheduled services, but we have to consider the impact it might have on our other guests as well.

Service Guarantee

It is Elixir’s mission to create beautiful relationships, one guest at a time, and one moment at a time. Your complete satisfaction is always our goal. All services are guaranteed 100%. In the instance that you are not satisfied with your service, let us know within 72 hours of the date of your service and we will ensure that you are re-booked with your stylist complimentary. In most instances, the fix is a simple solution. We always strive to limit these situations by giving excellent in depth consultations and using visual tools. Anytime you can provide your stylist with images of inspiration, it ensures that you and your stylist are on the same page and makes less room for error.


Spa Etiquette

Coming to the Spa should always be relaxing, but if it is your first time we know it can be a little nerve wracking. Below are a couple of things that will ensure you have a great experience.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your service start time. This will allow time to tour our salon and spa, fill out your paper work, and enjoy a beverage before your service begins.
  • Our Spa is a No Phone Zone. To ensure that you and our other guests are able to receive a relaxing spa experience, we ask that you silence or turn off your phone and any other electronic device you might have, prior to entering the spa.
  • No pets allowed at any time.